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INTALITE UK first began in 1989 as a local electrical wholesaler, Wimbledon Lighting & Electrical. After 10 years’ of supplying electrical equipment to the trade, a partnership with SLV was formed and INTALITE UK was born in 1999.

With over 26 years of experience within the industry INTALITE UK has become a company who understands the needs of both wholesalers and trade customers. This knowledge has enabled us to quickly become one of the market leaders in the UK for contemporary luminaire designs, technical lighting and living area illumination.

  • 1989 - Our Roots
    The foundations of INTALITE UK lay within the wholesale industry. We started out as a local independent electrical wholesaler, Wimbledon Lighting & Electrical.
  • 1999 - Partnership
    A long journey in a hired Fiat 500 from Mönchengladbach to a trade show in Hanover ended with a hand shake and an exciting partnership.
  • 2000 - First Catalogue
    The launch of our first ever partnership catalogue - "International Light Acts" consisting of just over 283 pages.
  • 2004 - Catalogue
    The rebranding of the catalogue brought into market fittings such as Aixlight & Para which you can still find in the catalogue today.
  • 2008 - The Big White
    As it is still known today, the Big White comprised of over 550 pages and considered one of the leaders within the UK lighting market.
  • 2017 - Big White 2017
    Ever growing and refining, our catalogue range today consists of over 3000 fittings, suited for all commercial and residential applications.
Intalite UK

INTALITE UK is one of the fastest growing light companies in the UK today. We are a major distributor for SLV products providing a diverse product range that covers all areas including individual lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor areas, as well as complete high voltage and low voltage lighting systems for retail and exhibition buildings.

At INTALITE UK the emphasis is placed on a balanced relationship between customer service, moderate prices and a high quality standard. As a small, but wonderful and loyal team we are able to provide a friendly and reliable service to our all of our customers. With a unique combination of lighting experience spanning around 100 years we are able to provide a highly knowledgeable service on a daily basis.



The Big White Lighting catalogue is available for you to download on to your PC, Tablet and Smart Phone. You can also request a hard copy of the catalogue via the link below.

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Lighting Design

Lighting has the ability to affect the ambience of any space. For added support with your lighting design the design data for our products is available on Relux , DIAlux ; Simply search under the heading SLV.

At INTALITE UK we have an in house Technical Lighting Design department who are here to help ensure your designs meet the required lumen output.

To get in touch or submit a project please click the link below. Please note if you wish to submit a project for our technical lighting design service we will require; scaled drawings preferably CAD or PDF (clear hand drawings will be accepted) ceiling heights and any information regarding the specification of luminaires to be used.

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We offer a wide variety of exciting solutions for everything to do with light and lighting. We have over 3500 products to choose from and more than 800 new items added every year.

Here at INTALITE UK we offer over 1500 LED products, from integrated LED fittings to retrofit LED lamps to use with conventional fittings (of which are recommended on each product page).

New to our 2016 catalogue was the Perfect Dimming Solution which allows anybody to dim LED lights flicker free and with no rewiring required – whether it is a new or an already existing installation.

We also have our new Colour Control Lighting System which allows for control of RBG/W devices via various avenues such as radio control, WIFI etc.

Orders, Shipping & Returns

For full information on our Order Shipping and Returns Processes and policies click the link below

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Intalite UK - SLV Logo

SLV is a German manufacturer who supply innovative residential and commercial lighting for interior and exterior use. The company was founded in 1979 and has quickly become one of the most successful lighting companies in Europe.

Their products are sourced globally with the fast majority being sourced from the Far East. Having a production line in such an area combined with a strict quality control enables SLV and INTALITE UK to offer high quantities and high quality products at reasonable prices.

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We now offer a variety of different products to help bring a little bit of interior design into any space. Products such as the Plaster range can be designed using paint or our new sticker range to create a unique fitting. We also have a large range of fittings made from exciting materials such as granite, concrete, bamboo (to name but a few) to bring a touch of nature into residential or commercial areas. And let’s not forget our exclusive new fittings designed by some of Europe’s top designers, such as the Bilas range designed by Vincent de Smedt & Jan Schoeters at Edmire or the i-Ring luminaire range by Andreas Robertz at Zoon Design.


All products are also rigorously tested at SLV’s German headquarters for everything from EMC energy efficient and light quality through to water resistance. Products such as our range of stainless steel 316 fittings are tested in the outdoor testing facilities to constantly test against weather resistance. We believe in the quality of the products that we distribute so much so that our products have a 2-year guarantee* as standard.

*All lamps have their own indicated life span and some paint finishes for exterior fittings are excluded


The majority of our stock is kept in the central warehouse in Germany. 98% of our 3500 products kept in stock at any one time – making them readily available. A small amount of stock is kept in our UK warehouse such as the wire system, some track accessories etc. Orders coming from Germany will be received within 3-4days.

We also offer an Express Next Day delivery at a cost dependant on the weight of the order. Orders coming direct from the UK will be received the next day.

Testing Facilities

All of our products go through vigorous and consistent testing in SLV’s very own testing facility in Uebach-Palenberg, Germany. Various high quality tests are conducted in order to ensure high quality and long-term durability is always met.

The facility enables for the testing of a variety of factors and issues such as EMC testing for bursts and surges, radio interference, magnetic field emissions and radiated disturbances. Over tests include:

Luminous Flux
Intalite UK slv luminous test
  • Tested using an Integrated Sphere – a hollow sphere with a reflective coating inside.
  • This allows for the luminous flux to be tested without errors from the specific directionality of a light source
Salt Chamber
Intalite UK slv salt spray test
  • Examines the effect of various environmental conditions such as sea air.
  • Simulates 1 to 2 years in a matter of hours
  • Enables improvements to be made on materials and products
Intalite UK slv flammability test
  • Tests the flammability of materials such as plastics.
  • Tested using an open flame or heated glow wire
  • Temperature ranges from 650°C to 800°C
Climatic Chamber
  • Examines the effect caused by environment issues.
  • Reproduces wet & moist environments between 10% & 90%
  • Temperatures range between -40º and 180º including UV radiation.
Pollutant Controls
  • Measures material density as well as stainless steel quality.
  • Constantly ensures products meet the required RoHS guidelines.
  • Highlights any necessary material changes.
Outdoor Testing
  • Constant testing of product sin outdoor enviroments
  • Outdoor testing locations include Germany, Miami & Arizona